The Sandman has a brightness sensor located on the bottom left corner of the screen that measures the brightness of its environment. Please be sure that this area of the window is cleaned and not obstructed by any objects as the light sensor on the Sandman is very directional. Sometimes the Sandman has a hard time with the lighting in certain rooms so we built in a secret mode for you to adjust the auto dimming feature of the Sandman. 

We don't recommend messing around with this unless your Sandman isn't auto dimming correctly.   

Step 1: Adjust the brightness

Regardless if it's day or night you will want to adjust the Sandman to the brightness you'd prefer before doing any of this. The Sandman remembers your brightness preference for both day and night modes, make sure to set your brightness preferences for both lighting conditions. Go ahead and hold down the snooze button on the top and then press the + or - buttons. This will adjust the brightness accordingly. 

Step 2: Enter brightness mode

Hold down the alarm and snooze buttons for a few seconds until the screen says "bri". At that point, the Sandman will show a number and either "da" for day or "ni" night. The number will show how bright the Sandman thinks it is in the room on a scale from 0 - 99.

We had to choose a standard room brightness and sometimes your room won't be the same as ours. For this reason, sometimes the Sandman thinks it's day when it's night, or night when it's day. 

Step 3: Choose day or night

At this point your Sandman is ready to remember the lighting conditions for day or night. 

Press the + button if it's currently day or 

Press the - button if it's currently night.


The Sandman's light sensor is very sensitive, but if you're standing directly in front of the sensor it's not going to get a good reading. After pressing the + or - button the Sandman will count down from 3 to give you time to step away from the clock. We promise it's not a bomb, just step away so you aren't in front of the light sensor. 

Once the countdown is done your clock should now auto dim correctly. If it doesn't try programming the other mode which you haven't already programmed (day or night). 

If your Sandman still does not auto dim correctly please let us know. Shoot us an email at and we will work with you to make it right.