If you are stuck trying to enter the pairing code into the Doppler, please be sure that you are entering a 6-digit code. The first four digits are displayed as the larger numbers on the display, while the last two digits are displayed as smaller numbers on the bottom right corner of the display.

If you're still having issues with the 6 digit code please try the following steps: 

Go to the bluetooth settings of your phone and make sure Bluetooth is on. Also, in the Bluetooth settings if the Doppler is there please "forget" the device. 

If this doesn't work. Please power cycle the Doppler and wait for it to boot back up. When the Doppler is back up and running you'll see a white flash on the light bar showing the process is completed. 

If this doesn't work you'll want to perform a factory reset on the Doppler and try again: 

Hold and until display shows "00:00". Press to cancel or  to confirm.

Lastly if you're still having issues please us an email at support@paloaltoinnovation.com