Sorry you're having trouble getting your Doppler connected to Wifi! 

Please make sure the Wifi network you're connecting to will work with a new device. Some networks have MAC address filtering or other security measures to prevent new devices from logging on. If things are still not working please proceed to these troubleshooting steps. 

To get it connected try these troubleshooting steps. 

First, you'll want to make sure the Doppler isn't actually connected to Wifi. If your Doppler has never been connected before the easiest way to tell this is to see if the time is correct on the Display. If the time changed and is correct the Doppler is probably connected to Wifi even though the app might not have said connecting. Another easy way to tell if your Doppler is connected to the internet is to check the day of the week indicator on the bottom left of the Doppler display. If there is a day of the week on the screen, even if it's wrong, the Doppler is connected to the Wifi and the internet.

If you don't have the proper time on the display please force close the app and then try again. 

If this doesn't work please power cycle the Doppler and wait for it to boot back up. When the Doppler is back up and running you'll see a white flash on the light bar showing the process is completed. 

If this doesn't work you'll want to perform a factory reset on the Doppler and try again: 

Hold and until display shows "00:00". Press to cancel or  to confirm.

Lastly, if you're still having issues please us an email at